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How much time you are online in fiverr

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I'm active as long as there's something to be active about, like reading and answering messages, blocking/reporting spammers and scammers, delivering orders, reading BR or briefs. I don't record the time I spend on those things. Maybe half an hour to an hour on average, in total? Depends on whether it's a busy or less busy phase. I wish there was no need to be active about spam and scams, then I might be able to enjoy some days of not having to be active at all outside of unavailable mode times.

It's not about how long you are active, but about what you are active with, and how effective your activities are. Refreshing the browser window for half an hour without any result = ineffective activity. Discussing a project with a potential buyer for half an hour and ending up getting the job = effective activity (at least if the order amount/follow-up orders justify half an hour of discussing).

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I log in to Fiverr on my desktop and through my phone app each morning. If there are messages, I read and reply to them.

Otherwise, I depend on my phone app and my email notifications to tell me when I need to take care of something on Fiverr. I have other better things to do than be active on Fiverr. Like work on orders, clean house, cook, eat, sleep, spend time with family and go shopping. Even so, my Fiverr business does well.


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