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Four Reasons why ARS FAILS


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It’s been what, almost two weeks? Long enough to know that the new ARS FAILS. Here’s why:

  1. Rating now takes more time. Fewer buyers are leaving feedback for my gigs meaning that gigs receive less attention and money takes longer to clear than if they had left feedback.

  2. “Communication with Seller,” one of the new rating criteria, is not always necessary if a gig has a clear description and a buyer submits clear instructions. But, even worse, Fiverr bugs often hamper or even prevent communication, unfairly allowing buyers to punish sellers who have no idea about communication troubles.

  3. BUGS. Fiverr can’t get its system to run properly as is–why add to the chaos? My best gig’s rating disappeared for almost a day. Not cool. The criteria have changed. Not cool. I have an unwieldy mixture of thumb and star ratings. NOT COOL!

  4. Rating criteria are ARBITRARY and subjective. Will customers “Buy Again or Recommend?” If they can squeeze every last penny out of the $5 they sent for a hours-long gig, maybe. Was the “Service as Expected?” If you delivered $10 worth of product for $5, one buyer may be thrilled, another may be upset. ARBITRARY. Is 4 stars good? Not to sellers!

    I encourage all Fiverr users–buyers and sellers alike–to join in the fight to remove this horrible rating system and go back to the golden days of thumbs. It’s easier for buyers, better for sellers, and less complex!
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Here in the U.S.A. polling is always being done. Just about every political situation gets polled. When they do a poll sampling they poll about a thousand people in a country that has over 300 million, yet this is all they need to poll to know scientifically what the majority of the people feel.

Here at fiverr there is well over 300 NOs for ARS, if not more. I may of seen 1 yes and a couple of maybes. Those against ARS overwhelming represent by a wide margin how the vast majority of members feel about ARS. ARS is a loser.

I wonder why Fiverr wants to stand by a loser and keep rubbing it in our noses. If Fiverr was a candidate running for office, they would drop ARS like a hot potato because they know it is a loser.

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