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My Fiverr Success Story - 3,200+ Orders & Still Going Strong!


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Hi All, I wanted to share my Fiverr experience with you… a few years ago, I got laid off from my regular job and, thank God, I discovered Fiverr because it has been the one thing that has allowed me to pay my rent, bills and keep food on the table… not to mention food for the feral cats that I feed.

It’s been more than 2 years now and I’m a busy Level II Seller providing various online marketing services as my Fiverr gigs. It astonishes me that I’ve had more than 3,200 orders since I started! WOW! Can’t believe it 🙂 Thanks to all you good people out there who have ordered from me in the past and keep coming back. The Fiverr customer support team has been so kind and helpful whenever I had a problem… I can’t say enough good things about them! Thank you Fiverr team 🙂

If you have a website, you must have online advertising to get the word out. I offer lots of different forms of advertising to the masses for just $5.00 🙂 Feel free to browse my various promotional gigs:

Classified Advertising (two different kinds)

TARGETED Email Marketing (spam-free)

Banner Advertising

Text Ads

Cell Phone Text Messaging Ads

Search Engine Submissions

Ezine Ads

People ask me what I recommend as the best form of advertising that I offer… here are the top 3 selections that I recommend:

  • CLASSIFIEDS PLUS + Gig Extra to 600 additional sites for a total submission to 900 sites across the Internet (classifieds, directories, message boards, bulletin boards, FFAs, search engines)


  • TARGETED EMAIL MARKETING (your choice of one of many popular niches)

    So come on over and take a look… many of my customers report back that my advertising is the only one that brings them some kind of results, whether it be leads, opt-ins, sign ups or conversions… it varies from person to person, but it always makes me feel good to know my advertising is helping them in some way.

    Besides bringing me much-needed money, a portion of each Fiverr order goes to buy food for half a dozen feral cats in my neighborhood who are hungry and have no home. I thank each and every one of you who orders from me because of this.

    God bless all your endeavors,

    [edited] aka CJ2012 (USA)


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