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Why haven’t I had any orders since I created my Gig over two months ago?


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Hello everyone, 

I created my first Fiverr gig a couple of months ago now, but I still haven’t received any orders. I posted a gig for audiobook narration and intended to also post one for children’s books, animation voiceover and maybe commercials as well. I’ve changed my gig multiple times including dropping the prices and editing the gig image. Does anyone have any advice on what to do to increase my chances of getting orders? 


here’s the link to my gig, I would be very grateful if you could have a look and see what you think. 


Thank you for your help


Best wishes 


Ellie Jane 


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dear Yousuf Islam,

Thank you for replying however, I've been checking the buyers requests to see if any apply to me and I can apply for them. but nope. They've all been requesting people who are either Scandinavians, so Norwegians, Swedish etc, or Indian fiverr sellers. I haven't seen a single one that applies to me but i will continue to check. if anyone has anymore advice it would be greatly appreciated, as I have tried everything I can think of and i'm still not getting any orders for my gig. 



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