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You cannot control what people ask. However, you can professionally and respectfully let them know that x revisions is what your package provides. If they need more they can purchase a Gig Extra.

I've also had people go over the amount of revisions I offer. However, if it's a small request I don't mind making the revision free of charge. It's a bit up to you and the request if you choose to charge people extra for it

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Hi @soufianejanna, 

For me, this is what I offer all my buyers: "Unlimited revisions, until satisfied." Why? Because ultimately I want all my buyers to be satisfied with the end product. I do limit the number of revisions I do by delivering early and requiring that they do a complete and thorough review of the delivery before I make any further revisions. I prefer to make 17 updates all at once, rather than doing 17 different revisions. 

If you want to limit the number of your revisions, make it VERY clear what your requirements are. When you are clear, buyers are less likely to argue or complain.

  1. State on your gig, I only offer 3 revisions.
  2. If the buyer reaches out to you before ordering, mention your revision requirements in the chats.  
  3. In your automated "Thanks for your order," include a reminder that extra revisions will cost extra. 
  4. You already have it on your custom offers, so that is good.
  5. Put a note in the order requirements, too.

My order requirements includes a question that says:

"Please select all the services that you would like in this order. Please note that if you select something that wasn't included in the original purchase, the seller will request you to pay the additional fees after you fill out your order requirements."

You could put a question that says:

"Please note that I only offer 3 revisions. Please select "I understand" to show that you understand this requirement."


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