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Hi @farhad39,
Competition is high for buyer's requests, so don't be surprised if you don't hear back from a buyer. As a seller, I don't hear back from most of the offers that I submit. This just means the buyer chose a different seller or sellers to work with (instead of you) or they didn't move forward with that request. 
One way for you to stand out from the competition is to address the points the buyer lists in the request in your offer. Show them why you are the best choice and how you can deliver what they are looking for. When you tailor your offer to them, buyers are more likely to respond to your offer. Most seller send generic offers that don't say specifically how they will help the buyer. If you can find the buyer's name, use the buyer's name. Make it personal.
For example, if a 'Sara' posts a buyer's request that starts off with, "Help! I don't know anything about fb, SEO...this is all really confusing to me" Instead of just saying "I will help you with your fb advertising," (like most sellers will do) say "Sara! Advertising on fb is actually not that hard, and I can show you why..." and then go into explaining why you are the best choice and how you can make it easy for her.
Whenever I post buyer's requests as a buyer, I put my name in the request. I find that only a few sellers actually write my name in their offer. I usually only look at the offers that address me by name.
Please also check out Fiverr's articles on how to write good buyer's requests. There's also a lot of good information on the forum.
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On 5/8/2022 at 11:31 PM, farhad39 said:

I sent a buyer request on 315 , the buyer response very little , what is the reason? 

It's totally up to your bids and type of word you used on bids. On the other hand, gigs are also effective for that type of things. Attractive gig is also make differences on buyer request.

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