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Promoting A Gig



Hey there, 

My name is Anya and I am the head designer for the company Wemake.

Recently, we have started to provide some of our services on Fiverr.

However, I get little to no impressions for my gigs.

I would like to ask you if there are any tips as well as resources and guides on how to grow the organic reach of Fiverr gigs?


Thanks a lot in advance.

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5 hours ago, shakil_ads_pro said:

ensure 24h online active and marketing your gig

28 minutes ago, expressonline12 said:

Always stay online and do gig marketing

Come on, guys. What did I just say -- before the two of you posted? I'll requote my comment for your convenience:

8 hours ago, jonbaas said:

NO! Staying online does not guarantee impressions, and off-site gig marketing has absolutely NOTHING to do with on-site impressions.

Please READ THE FORUM TOPIC before posting.

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