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Is inbox refresh rate is slow ?

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I'm working on fiverr from 1.5 years. and having same issue.

Whenever someone messages me in INBOX or on ORDER page, I do get notification.

But message don't really appear on current window. or it takes long to update.

I have to refresh window to view message.


Whereas, I use discord and telegram.

Both have very fast resfresh rate.

As user messages, it appears.

But fiverr inbox/order refresh rate looks to unsmooth.


So do you guys have same issue ?

We all can then report to fiverr so that it may be fixed. Thanks

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35 minutes ago, mariashtelle1 said:

Are you saying that you use discord and telegram to communicate with your fiverr buyers? 

No I don't meant that. I already know its violation to contact fiverr buyers outside of fiverr.

I mean, I have been using discord/telegram for messaging purpose and they found to be smooth.

So we can take them as example.

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