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Hi, I have a 2 years old Fiverr account. In this account I'm worked at Graphics Design category. I'm complete 1 order on this account but the buyer don't give me any review he/she just place an order and get away. Now I can work as a Detail Marketer on this 2 years old Fiverr account. Please give me your opinion What can I do I use this account or create a new account for Digital Marketing work?

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19 minutes ago, apusaha247 said:

I'm complete 1 order on this account but the buyer don't give me any review he/she just place an order and get away.

Buyers are not required to leave reviews. Reviews are 100% voluntary.

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Hi @apusaha247! I was in a similar situation as you. I opened my account in 2019 and didn't do anything for two years (I actually forgot about it). When I signed up to join Fiverr in Nov 2021, I found out I had this account, so I posted my first gig and have been using this account ever since.

If you have a gig for graphics design that you think you'll never use (and has no reviews on it), you can either pause or delete the gig. Or if you think you'll use it, keep it. Then you can create your Digital Marketing gig and update your profile so that it's relevant to Digital Marketing.

I found several benefits (accidentally!) from using an old Fiverr account:

1. You immediately have selling seniority. That means if you hit the all the targets for a Level 1 seller before the review date (15th day of the month), you could be a Level 1 Seller in less than a month from posting your Digital Marketing gig. If you hit all the targets for Level 2 seller before the second review date, you could be a Level 2 seller in less than 2 months. That's the potential.

2. You have years of tenure. When buyer's visit your profile, they'll see that you've been a member for two years. This gives you some credibility. It will definitely have more credibility than an account that was opened that same month.

You also only can have one account with Fiverr at time, so I see no reason why you shouldn't use your current account. Hope this helps you.

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As you don't have anything like "graphics_xpert" or so for your username, and as long as you don't have warnings or anything the like on your current account, it doesn't matter, so do what you think best.

Just if you go for a new account, make 100% sure that your old account is closed, before you open a new one. And if you'd use the same withdrawal method, same phone number for verification, and want to use the same email, personally, I'd first let support know of my plan and wait for their ok, to have it black on white, in case of any issues. Maybe also check with Payoneer or wherever you'd withdraw to, to make sure in advance that you won't run into trouble, you don't want to deliver orders only to find out that you can't withdraw your revenue.

I think you probably can use the same email if you first change the email of the current account to one you don't want to use with the new account, and then use the former email of the old account for the new account - but keep in mind that you'll need your security question answer to change mail or phone number, so, in case you've forgotten it and it's nothing you can easily guess, you may have a problem. 


But unless you're really unhappy with your username (if it's your name, like other commenters, I don't really see a reason for all the inconvenience. Just pause or delete your current Gigs and create new ones. 

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Fiverr doesn't see any reviews for which category. Fiverr Just count, What is the point of the reviewer. 
You can use your old account as Digital Marketing without any issues. 
Just delete the Old Gig and create a new GIG. That's it......

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