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My gig isn't yet.


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Here's a few suggestions:

Gig: I will do anything graphic design, logo, packaging, flyer poster,
I'm not sure the title should end with a comma.
In the title you start with "I will do anything graphic design..." - shouldn't the gig be in the "Graphics & Design" category instead of the "Ads Setup & Management" subcategory?

Also instead of doing logo design, packaging design and poster design all in one gig in might be better to have a separate gig for each one so that they can be in the best subcategory for each of those.

In the description you say "invention card" - I don't know if you mean "invitation card" there.

Gig: I will do any photo edit in photoshop image editing and photo retouching
In the gig description:
"removl." could be "removal."
Maybe change "mailing servie."
"Thank your!" could be " Thank you!"

In the FAQ section your question is "Yes". It might be better to change that to a question a buyer might ask.

In the profile: In the description: "Hi, My name is" could be "Hi, my name is"

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