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What is community leadership? Does it have anything to do with leadership here on the forum?

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Requirements for Top Rated Sellers 


"Top Rated Sellers are manually chosen by Fiverr editors. Our editors look at many different factors when choosing Top Rated Sellers, including seniority, the volume of sales, exceptional customer care, and community leadership, among other criteria."

Community leadership 

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Community Leadership Program:

A place that allows sellers to connect with each other, share stories, offer advice and ask questions of each other. A community that has structure and regular opportunities to connect through both virtual and in person events.

Fiverr manually select and invite specific person to join in community leadership program. So you can say that, A community leader is a person to represent his local community to Fiverr and act like a bridge to develop the relation between local sellers and Fiverr with the concerns, issues and more.


There could be couple of leaders in a Community Leadership Team with different roles.

In the leadership team, all community leaders are supported by a Team Leader.
And Team leader is supported by Community Organizer.


Community leaders mostly work with the local sellers virtually or physically.

However, happy to let you know that, Soon Fiverr going to launch "Fiverr Community Club" separately under this forum for each countries individually where the community leadership program launch with new structure. The program is rolling out and will cover globally I believe. In the club it will be same but dedicated to specific country only. You can say each country will have a separate club.

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It can indicate to a local community where you have a leading position or seniority. But don't focus on that too much. You can simply focus on your service quality and most importantly best customer care and customer service. That will bring you on top. 

This is what I gain and now I am a Top Rated Seller. 

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