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How do you keep your order requirements organized?

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Hi there! I have a question on how to keep all the order requirements organized for each of my buyers. These requirements are currently scattered in the order requirements section, the inbox chats, and the the order chats. I've updated my order requirements to minimize the amount of extra information in the chats, but due to the nature of my gigs, there are still a lot of conversations and requirements that are being communicated continuously through chats. This hasn't been a problem in the past, but I closed 87 orders last month, and it was very time consuming to scroll through all the chats. I currently keep a Word document for each order that consolidates all of the requirements and conversations in one spot. This has helped me when I am chatting with the buyer, because I am unable to look at previous chats while having a current chat in session. It is also much quicker to scan through than the chats.

Does anyone else have an issue with keeping track of all the requirements? And do you have a better system than the Word document that I'm using? I'm open to any an all suggestions. Thanks!

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