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I went with a newer person to redesign my website. The project was due two days ago. They sent a message the night before stating it was 90% completed. I was told it was a holiday and they would finish the site after the holiday. Upon the time the project was due, they sent me what looked like an incomplete design. It has a section I never requested such as an "Our Team" and it had a few other pages that are not on my original site and I did not ask for those pages. I requested a revision, because this redesign looks incomplete and it looks like they just filled in sections with generic designs to beat the clock.  I requested a revision upon seeing what they sent. Now, I have not received any response. It's been two days and I haven't received a response on my request for a revision. I don't know if they are working on completing the task or what. I see they are logging into Fiverr but I have not received a response with what is going on with my website redesign. Can I get a refund after a certain amount of time or what happens in this type of situation? 

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I feel sorry for the experience you're going through.

Also, I would like to inform you that there was Eid Festival yesterday, so may be that could be a reason of getting delayed as this is the biggest religious festival of Muslims. And I believe you will agree to let him enjoy with their friends and family.


Additionally, the way you described, it seems they are working with a template or showed you a screenshot of template and initiate the delivery rather than asking time extension or avoiding late delivery issue.


You can knock the seller again for detailed information.

And if you feel something wrong, you can request to cancel the order by using resolution center and if you find it's difficult, you can reach to the customer support. Once the order get canceled, your fund will be refund to you.


Before doing that, I will suggest you to have patience to get a reply from the seller.


Additionally, if you want to move to a new seller, you can discuss with me as well.
I do custom website with branding touch.

You can directly contact me on the selling platform at https://www.fiverr.com/seven_sign


Thank you.

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