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Hello Everyone

I am seeking help regarding this problem 2nd time here. If some one could guide me that will be great. After last evaluation, i am seeing buyers request in bulk like 1k plus. All older buyers request are appearing too. I am finding difficult to apply for jobs. As i don’t find easier to know whether a specific job is closed or still open.

I contacted the support but they said that i can remove the requests, there is button to remove it. But how i am supposed to delete all the requests one by one, these are too many. Is there anybody else facing the same issue? What should i do

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Hi Asadshabbirjutt! I see over 1k buyer's requests as well. Here's my process to sort through them as quickly as possible to find the good deals to make offers on:

1. Sort by category and then start with the most recent buyer's request.

2. Don't bother submitting offers for requests with 20 or more offers OR requests that are older than 2 days old.

3. Check the buyer's request section several times throughout the day...some good requests are only up for 5 minutes before being taken down. If you are lucky, you can submit and offer early.

4. Make note of the times that buyer requests tend to pop up at and make sure to check during those times (this is good to do on your phone).

5. When there are a lot of buyer requests to sort through, use your desktop. This will make it faster.

6. Don't worry about deleting requests (this takes too much time), just skim over the ones that aren't relevant.

Hopefully you find this helpful!

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