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Webinar: Improve your quality, impress your clients


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Watch two members from Fiverr’s team and Pro Seller - ivilina - share insider tips and tricks for improving animation and service quality and optimizing Gigs to meet buyer expectations.

Check out the live recording to catch discussions about the following:

  • Your Gig
  • Animation workflow
  • Animation tips
  • Animation trends 2022


We also have a handout with helpful information and resources to help you in providing the best service.
Simply download the file inside the link and optimize your process.

About the Speakers:

Ina Gavazova, Independent Animator, Fiverr Pro seller

Ina has been an Independent Animator since 2013 and joined Fiverr in 2014. She runs a creative studio that works with 10 other bright creatives to produce explainer videos. Her studio specializes in custom 2D animation and motion graphics.

Click here to see ivilina's profile
Jacky Guttmann, Video and Animation Vertical Manager, Fiverr

Jacky is a former TV production manager and now works as Fiverr’s Video & Animation Vertical Manager. She’s responsible for the categories’ structures, new services, and keeping an eye out for new video trends and technologies.

Yoav Marcus, Education and Engagement Manager, Fiverr

Yoav is Fiverr’s Talent Manager of Sellers’ Education & Engagement. He’s responsible for producing and collaborating with sellers in various projects, keeping them connected and informed about all things Fiverr.

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