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Is this gig against ToS?



Hey gang,

I found a gig where a TRS is offering to be your 'fiverr consultant'. Gig description below.

I've thought perhaps this would be a good gig to offer, but a) I think it's against ToS and b) I'm don't think I'm at the level to offer advice as I'm not TRS myself.

I don't believe the seller is offering to create/update the profile, but instead consult, give feedback, advice, ideas etc.

I'm guessing it must be against ToS, otherwise sellers like @frank_d @newsmike@catwriter @imagination7413  and others would be offering it and likely making lots of sales. 

Just surprised that if it isn't allowed that a TRS doesn't know better.

Thoughts, allowed or not allowed...?



Hey! I am XXX, and I have been living from Fiverr since 2020.


It's time to help other sellers like you improve their business on Fiverr.


This gig is designed for all kinds of sellers. To those who have not yet made their first sale, as well as for Level 2 Sellers who want to become Top Rated Sellers


Basic and Standard packages include just a video where you will be able to see my screen, my webcam and hear my thoughts on how to improve your profile.


If you want a more personalized experience, get the Premium package and let's jump on a videocall together so we can discuss any topics you have questions.



Contact me before placing an order so we can discuss the best strategy for your company and also prepare a customized offer that fits your needs.


Remember: Your success is my success!


Also, as a native Spanish, I can also do the videos or have the videocall in Spanish if you are a Spanish speaker!

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I have a direct line of communication with key team leaders and c-suit executives on Fiverr and even I can't offer what this seller claims they do.

I had this discussion with someone from Fiverr, where I shared my initial thoughts about offering Fiverr sellers actual mentoring or business training and they encouraged me to do it, however, I don't think these Fiverr specific claims would fly.

It's completely different to claim that I will help you with your business obstacles/goals and to talk about leveling you up to a TRS.

To sum up my answer:

1) yes this gig is violating the platform's ToS

2) Based on the gig description alone, I wouldn't trust this seller to hold my doritos while I'm gaming, much less trust them with my success on the platform.

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I completely agree with Frank, but wanted to add another thought: If this Seller is/was also in Seller+, then they're also breaking the specific contract to that program, about the consultations being confidential. It's also in direct competition to the Seller+ program itself. Though that makes me curious about the prices of those packages.

If you want a specific ToS violation, it's edging on that 'promising an outcome beyond the Seller's control'. The gig wording is cleverly vague. How does Buyer/User define 'improve'? That alone sets up a conflict of expectations. 

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