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What are the factors to be considered before start a graphic designing job?

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Graphic designing is a very demand field in fiverr and it is  also a competitive. Lot of buyers have clear idea about what is the size, what is the design he want like important factors. but some buyers haven't clear idea about sizes and what is he want. so it is very important to communicate with him about what is the size you want, what is the length and height, what is the color mode of PSD file. But some are don't know what is the size like things. so we can asked what is the objective of the design ( Social media, Standard Poster, Newspaper Ads), then we can inform him that is the size and im going to design it according to that standard size.

most of clients will send you a reference photo from internet and you can watch and ask him how to design it according the reference photo, if he will not send you can message a sample photo and ask how about it

It is very important to know color mode of the final file and you must know it before the initiate the designing 

Those factors are very important because some clients will inform this factors after the final product submission,  That mean you want to design it again and your time and client time waste.

i recommend to know those factors before start you job

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