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What are the "illegal characters" in my description?



I've been trying to make a gig for hours now and i'm stuck on the description part because it says there are illegal characters.
What are they?

My description is as follows:


Need any help with some problems in your life or just need advice? Consider giving me a try.


FREE Recommendations for books, videos and others who can help you!


Why buy from me?


I've studied for years topics such as Psychology, Philosophy and Religion and because of my passion for spreading my message I've created a YouTube channel where I talk directly about important, relevant and relatable topics, and condense them down into an easily digestible form.




  • I act as a LIFE COACH, to get you through tough times with REAL solutions, not just ignoring the problem.


  • ADVICE for your struggles with your mental health, an action plan, and possible solutions.


  • ADVICE on external sources of troubles, such as issues with your family, intimate relationships, or relationships in general.


  • ADVICE on where to go with your life, what to pursue, and how to accomplish your goals!


  • TALKS on modern problems and how to cope with them.


  • WHY some things come about, and why life IS this way.


Disclaimer: I am not, nor claim to be a certified psychologist, if you are in need of urgent help contact a certified psychologist, psychologist, or dial 911.

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25 minutes ago, ryandavisofical said:

ADVICE for your struggles with your mental health, an action plan, and possible solutions.

Medical-related services

We do not allow services that are meant to provide any medical treatment, advice, or supply.  

Do not post, offer, or ask for:

  • Medical treatment, advice on any medical condition, or pharmaceutical advice. 

  • Any kind of medical drugs or pharmaceuticals.  

  • Medical equipment or pharmaceutical supply.

  • The above is from the Community Standards under Prohibited Services.

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If you've pasted all that text from a Word document that could be the reason. Make sure you don't paste content that has tab characters or similar non-visible characters in it (return characters should be okay though) or maybe the bullet characters.

Either type if fully manually into the description box or make sure you past only plain text (and you could add any formatting later in the description edit box - maybe after saving a version with just normal text).

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