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Withdrawing to paypal problem


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I’ve recently started selling my gigs on fiverr and it’s all gone well, I have completed 5 gigs and 2 gigs have already cleared funds. I thought it was about time to withdraw my money into my paypal account. I put my paypal email address in and went onto my email to confirm it, nothing showed up. I have 3 email accounts and the account that I’m talking about is just used for paypal, I emailed myself from another email account to see what’s the problem and straight away an email came up saying failed to send to this address, obviously there is a problem with this email account so I changed my paypal address to one of my other addresses to be safe just in case and then I realised that I can’t change my fiverr withdraw address. Whenever I try it says please confirm given address, there is no way I can do that as my account isn’t working and I have now changed my paypal address, how do I get $20 into my paypal account when I can’t confirm the address I gave? I can’t find out what to do on customer support and if I can’t change my address, there is no way I can access the money I have made.



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You’ll need to file a report with Customer Support. Before you do, just double-check one thing. In the account you originally tried to use, can you access the emails already there? If so, check that the Fiverr email didn’t get screened out and put in the junk or spam folder before whatever problem happened with the account. The first time you get email from Fiverr, it’s a common occurence. Certainly, if you truly can’t find or access any email from Fiverr then you’ll need help from the techs to straighten things out.

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