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Gig impressions aren't growing


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Guest abdelrahmankhal

Search in the forum about this topic, you will find a lot of results that will help you. 

Because there are many factors that affect gig impression. 


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I am a new seller I have already completed 10 orders in 1.5 months. Despite being active online, I have noticed for the last 4 days that my gig's impressions and clicks have decreased by 5 times. Gig has dropped from the first page to the third page, which is unexpected for me. Want the advice of experts on how to get back to the previous position.

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I became a level one seller then got Promoted gig feature, this continued for two months. After two months promotable feature turned off the gig and my gig rank was lost. Fiverr notifies me "This Gig can not be promoted right now, due to possible quality issues"

Is gig video mandatory for Fiverr gig ranking?

I want advice from experts(who had this problem) on how to fix my gig quality issues.

Thank All.

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I am a level 1 seller. I have a gig in my profile. My gig status is now very bad such as Impressions (0-20 per day) and clicks 0. I got two orders last month from the old Buyer. My inbox response time is n/a. How can I get solutions to this problem, I want advice from the experts. 

You can give advice after seeing my gig.  My gig link: https://www.fiverr.com/share/K6gd6E

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1 hour ago, social_id_maker said:

My inbox response time is n/a. How can I get solutions to this problem, I want advice from the experts. 

Your inbox response time can show up as n/a (not available) if there aren't any stats to count (i.e., no messages in the past 60 days), or it might be a bug, as this happens to me sometimes. All stats show up as "n/a" until I refresh the page, and everything is fine. 

If refreshing the page doesn't solve the issue, it's likely you haven't received enough messages to have a response time calculated. When you get a message, respond quickly (but accurately) to the first message that comes in from any potential buyer. That will help you achieve a good response rate and response time. 

Based on your post, I see that you have very few impressions. This could happen because of the following: 

  • Negative private reviews/ratings. 
  • A gig not being optimized, i.e., Fiverr doesn't see your gig as relevant for specific search terms. 
  • You recently got promoted to Level 1 and no longer benefit from being a New Seller (new sellers often get a slight boost at the beginning to get them started before you're on your own)
  • Your performance has dropped

I can't say for sure if any of these are true for you. 

But it's some of the most common reasons for a level one seller to experience a drop like this. 

I checked out your gig. First impressions matter a lot.

Your thumbnail isn't very good. Even if you get impressions, people won't click a gig with a bad thumbnail. Given that you're offering design services, amongst other things, I recommend that you update your skills and stay on top of current design trends. It won't just help you make better thumbnails but also improve the service you offer your buyers. 

Your profile picture isn't very professional, either. I recommend hiring a professional photographer and have some real business shots taken. It would help you stand out from the crowd and helps create trust. Dress nicely and find a nice location (i.e. not your kitchen or living room). 

Consider your own performance as of late. Could you have communicated better with one of your buyers? Are you sure they were absolutely happy with your delivery? 

Your performance matter more than anything else on Fiverr. Buyers can leave private feedback on Fiverr (secret review), and even if they leave a five-star public rating (or no rating at all), they might say something entirely different to Fiverr in private. 

Make sure all your deliveries are top-notch and your support stellar by: 

  • Under-promise and over-deliver
  • Ensure you're always on the same page as your buyer and thoroughly understand their needs before you begin working.
  • Keep buyers updated on the progress to help them feel safe and involved.
  • And, of course, deliver great work every time! 

I hope this helps! 


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