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Almost 10 years on Fiverr!

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I joined Fiverr in 2012, when Fiverr was only 2 years old. It was instant success and my gigs sold more than pretty much any other gig in their category, becoming best selling gigs on the whole marketplace quickly and stood that way for many many years. As my service was pretty unique in focusing more on the quality part, when others were focusing on the quantities. I'm constantly being praised by buyers on how they enjoy my services and especially my communication skills, making lots of returning buyers.

Fiverr also looked totally different back in the day! More simple, yet still powerful.

I climbed to level 2 fast, but never have I been promoted to TRS, despite having excellent stats and getting 12,000+ positive reviews in my Fiverr journey so far, and not nearly every buyer bothers to even review despite returning again and again (Makes sense, as all I deliver is number graphs and not art for example). So there has been lots of sales!

Naturally there were bumps in performance like for everyone. Sometimes impressions drop like crazy, but return back to normal. (Sometimes after a support ticket only)

Except about 2 years ago or so, I noticed that impressions never returned to normal after dropping down, and I could notice that my gig was on the last page of search.

Promoted gigs success!

It lasted for some months, until my gig was eligible for the "Promoted gigs" feature. As soon as I enabled it, my gig jumped instantly to 1st page where it has been 8 years, and impressions returned to normal again, but the promoted gigs itself was saying only a small bit of the impressions were because of it.

After a couple of weeks the gig was no longer eligible for it, and impresions dropped by about 98% again and I could again find my gig on the last page.

After a couple of months, it was again eligible for the promoted gigs feature, and same happened again, but only for 1 week this time.

Then again after perhaps 3 months, it was again eligible for it for about a week, returning impressions to normal again for that time.

Since then my gigs have no longer been eligible for that feature, so has been about a year now or so.

Since then also after I've contacted support about the issue, they no longer have been able to fix it, and only say that it's normal for impresions to drop like that, and not permanent. But as it has been a couple of years if ignoring promoted gigs, it does feel pretty permanent to me.

Current situation

All impressions still down, and gigs on last pages. Pretty much all sales I get these days are only from my own efforts, so I'm questioning why am I providing my services on Fiverr when all I get is a 20% seller fee on sales and tips and not much in return, other than to showcase my gig's long lasting quality. There are other alternatives that are more profitable, that I'm seriously starting to consider. I just have extremely high respect (Some of my old buyers are due to Fiverr showing my gig to them years ago) and hopes for Fiverr, as it has proven to been great before. But even my patience has a limit.

I've also maintained perfect seller statistics for a long time, so it is a mystery.

Feel free to ask if you have any questions as a newer seller! I see lots of misinformation being spread on this forum being by people who think they know something, when they don't. But I'm fairly confident I know pretty much everything there is to know about Fiverr (That is not a secret, like algorithms) and I'm happy to share my knowledge! ☺️

I also attached a stats graph of impression drops! It's not from this year though, but gives an idea how much the impressions can drop. I'm not attaching this year's impression graph, as its a static line for this year, 400-800 impressions per month, much like in the old graph shows, just without not the jump back to normal impressions.

response time.jpg


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What a journey Adsensewizard! Thanks for sharing your experience. I think it's amazing that you have been with Fiverr for so long! I only posted my first gig five months ago, so I have a lot to learn. You have great reviews and provide quality work, so hang in there. I hope you can get more orders and achieve Top Rated Seller status, too!

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Thanks for sharing @adsensewizard- views / opinions / insight from established sellers like yourself are really valuable!

You have 20 X the reviews I have so your experience speaks for itself. I hope you don't mind but I took a look at your profile and wondered what you thought about the following points / suggestions. If you don't think they make sense I'd love to know why....


1) Update gig images - there is no brand cohesion between the 2 gigs, different fonts, different colours etc.

2) You get to use 3 gig images for each gig, suggest you use them all (you're currently using 1 on each gig).

3) Use the correct dimensions for gig images (they are currently based on the old dimensions).

4) Increase your prices, I don't think fiverr loves $5 gigs anymore, it likes a higher average selling price and you've definitely got the credibility. Also, if it's cheap people don't trust that it's quality. I think your basic package should be $20

5) Both are web traffic gigs, one has 6 orders in queue, the other has 0. The one with 0 is in the business consulting category. Email CS (or your SSM) and ask them to change the category to something more relevant. I moved one of my gigs to the right category and impressions/sales shot up.

6) You don't have a portfolio. I know this can be hard (I offer consultancy so I don't have cool videos or images to show either) but just put together a nice looking PDF on Canva or something, it can be something simple, have 4 different portfolio pieces. The first just saying 'Over 12,000 happy customers', the second could say 'On fiverr since 2012'. Fiverr likes it when you have everything filled in, the third and fourth can be something else, 'SEO Professional'. You get the picture.

7) You don't offer subscriptions. Even if you don't think it's relevant for what you sell, add them to each gig anyway, again fiverr will like it.

8. You don't have packages on one of your gigs. Again fiverr likes packages / making use of all features so suggest you add them.

9) You don't appear to add an image when you make a delivery. If you do then that can appear in your gallery. Again, you're adding more to the platform which fiverr will like. It also means there's more to click through for a buyer when they see your thumbnail in search, and the review appears on each one. This can just be your normal gig image if you can't be bothered to make something new each time.


Just my 2 cents, and I hope you don't think I'm being patronising! But I really think your profile has kind of become a diamond in the rough over the years (I say that with love!) and needs a bit of a shine up. With 12K reviews under your belt that's some serious credibility you've built up and I think you could get back on top with a couple of hours of work!  


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On 5/2/2022 at 9:43 AM, adsensewizard said:

Except about 2 years ago or so, I noticed that impressions never returned to normal after dropping down, and I could notice that my gig was on the last page of search.

2 years ago the world went into lockdown, and hundreds of thousands, if not millions of people decided to just open a Fiverr account. The vast majority were not qualified, faked their qualifications and speak little, to no English. They clog up the algorithm, undercut experienced sellers prices and deliver lousy work to buyers. But until Fiverr enacts a barrier to entry such as a pay to sell model, the flood of unqualified sellers trying to grab a $5 bill is the new normal. 

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