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How long does Fiverr account review take?

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So I recently got an email from fiverr informing me that my account is currently under review for attempting to conduct business outside of fiverr. My account is now restricted and all my gigs are denied. However I can still complete active orders and make withdrawals.  I understand why I was flagged because my client (who had already made an order on fiverr) wanted to clarify aspects of the project that included explicit language and he couldn't do so on fiverr because of the censors. I definitely  understand that this is a breach of fiverr's TOS and I will not be making this mistake again in the future, this is also the first time I have come close to breaking any Fiverr terms of service in my one year of being on the platform.

What I would like to ask those of you that have gone through a similar experience is, How long does the account review process take? And is there a possibility that my account might be disabled altogether?


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