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Video not showing


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Hello, Fiverr support!

I have create a new gig and and I uploaded video first. After video uploaded I tried to save gig but error occurred that upload 1 image at least so I uploaded 1 image but after saving the gig the video is not showing on the gig. What should I do. I have already deleted one gig because video was not visible. I cant delete again. Please Help!

this is the link to my gig:


Screenshot 2022-04-29 230522.png

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Hi @tiara_lexi, this is not the place to share you gig link, so please remove it from your post. Thanks!

How long are you waiting for your gig video to show up? It will never show up immediately because Fiverr needs to review your videos before it posts to your gig. I find this period of review to take anywhere from 15 minutes to three days or more. It really depends on how busy the team is. Also, I've never had a video rejected, so I can't advise on what happens if Fiverr finds you are using images that are not your own.

On your end, you can always tell if your video is under review by going to Gigs ➡️Edit➡️Gallery and viewing your video there. There should be text written across your video that it is under review. Once that review period is over, you'll immediately see your video posted to your gig, but it'll look funny because the thumbnail image is randomly set. You can go back to edit your video and select a more appropriate thumbnail image. Once you save, the video will be reposted immediately with the correct thumbnail image. If you reupload a video, however, it'll have to go through the review process again. 

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