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What I noticed in my impressions decrease and why "Fiverr 3.0" is actually a good thing


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Hey guys,

Even though I'm honestly a newbie on this platform,
I think I got something that can help others (perhaps newbies too) understand this platform a bit better
...and maybe stop blaming Fiverr's staff in most of the situations.

I have analyzed my gigs and noticed an interesting pattern, which proofs Frank's (the author of Fiverr 3.0 article) thesis about resilience of gigs in this new (well, not so new now) system.

You see, every time I had a decrease in performance, which usually happens after one of the events, such as:

  1. Canceled order
  2. Rejecting a buyer from ordering (basically saying "I don't offer such services, please find someone else". There is always a chance of a buyer who doesn't really address what you offer, no matter how fully you describe your services)
  3. Delivering late (a lot of people noticed a slight decrease in performance after receiving a "12 hours left" notification
  4. Several revisions before the delivery

- the impressions would fall down to like 50% for a couple of days, maybe a week or so, after which there would be a slight increasing vector, which would hit the max daily impressions number again. This pattern goes on and on, so it's kinda promising for those who suddenly get a decrease in statistics and wonder why is that and what to do further. 

Yes, bug situations on Fiverr occur from time to time, but most of the time you can see what brought you to the sales decrease, if you think about it just for a while.

So yeah, I can tell that this system actually works smooth.

One interesting thing, perhaps, is that my position in the search doesn't follow these patterns. I may fall down and up for (I guess) other different reasons, following a different timeline (60 and 90 day performance thesis, read "Fiverr 3.1")

I'm sorry if my expressions are a bit obscure, as I still have to work on my English.

In any case, I hope that clarified the whole picture and actually helped you!


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I am agree with your statement to some extent. The reasons of down grading can be many such as,

- Low demand for our service on particular day. 

- Disappearing our of gig in search for service due to no activity.

- Making changes in GIG may also influence the appearance for some days.

- Remain absent on fiverr for some days.

These factors also affect the GIG performance for some time. 

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