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How to get buyer knock by Sending Buyer Request ?



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On 5/3/2022 at 10:40 PM, hasanthikodituw said:

1. Don't copy and paste the same offer. Reply to the request written by the potential buyer. 

2. Add all relevant information about your services.

3. Set a reasonable price and date.

This is great advice!

I would also add to make sure you read the buyer's request carefully so that you can show the buyer how you are the solution to their specific problem. I have posted several buyer's requests and too many sellers respond with generic offers that don't even mention the points I mentioned in my request. I only respond to those who obviously read my request and took the time to address my concerns.

1. Try to be one of the first 20 sellers to respond to the buyer's request.

2. Check your buyer's requests at different times in the day. I found there were certain times of the day that I had a better chance of getting a response from the buyers.

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