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So It 4 day back story in the evening I got Mail that Fiverr has deleted my gig which does not fulfill Fiverr TOS, unfortunately, the gig deleted by Fiverr was my main gig as I have done 16 orders only on that gig, the reason behind of my gig deletion is because I have used copyright images on the gig so they deleted my gig, but luckily I have the licenses of the images I'm using on my Fiverr gig. I contact the Fiver team related to these queries and demand for my gig restoration { although I don't expect that they restore by gig again as I read many articles people do not have confirm answer }. Fiverr immediately respond to my query and told me that they will help me out once the Fiverr team check my deleted gig. and after 2 days I got an Email that My GIG which was deleted is Live Again on Fiverr.

Seriously guys if Fiverr has not restored my gig I have deleted my Fiverr id, because it's very hard to rank the gig.

conclusion: Fiverr Team is very supportive when it comes to technical support, I got my gig back if it is deleted by Fiverr just provide the right evidence.

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