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Each time I go shopping on Fiverr I get this message/blocked website message with the "Press and Hold" button. 

Most times, including right now, the button does nothing. I remain blocked from the site and can't do anything.

This is frustrating as both a buyer and seller, since I'm trying to spend money and can't, and I can't do my own business until the "block" expires.

How is this triggered? When shopping I like to open several new tabs from the search page. I open various gigs, and then might open a sellers profile, other gigs, etc. It seems Fiverr is extremely sensitive to these repeated amount of page loads. I'm not talking that many. Maybe 5-7, and I'm now blocked from continuing my search to find buyers to spend money with.

Does this happen to anybody else? Very frustrating. Not good for sales. But maybe nobody else shops like me...


2022-04-27 10.03.03 pm.png

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