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What do you think most challenges in graphic design?



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On 27.04.2022 at 12:46, msbrand1 said:

Что вы думаете, большинство проблем в графическом дизайне?


As for me, the most important problem of a designer is customers. Most of the customers do not finish their idea to the end and it is more difficult for the designer to do the work. If the idea is correctly conveyed to the seller, then he can easily do any job.

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My 11 best Graphic Design tips for you-

01. Learn to Trust Your Artistic Instincts

2. Limit your typefaces.

03. Use a small color scheme.

04. Keep your designs simple.

05. Create order with alignment.

06. Create a design with design principal

07. Respect the space of other elements.

08. Create Clean, crisp, and clear imagery.

09. Use the same design elements on every page.

10. Read Some Good Design Books

11. Have a Better Designer Pick Apart Your Best Design

Thanks for reading buddy.

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I chose a career in graphic design because I've always had a passion for art and design, and I enjoy using my creativity to solve problems and create visual solutions that communicate effectively. I find it fulfilling to work with clients and see their ideas come to life through my designs. Additionally, the constantly evolving nature of technology and design trends keeps the field exciting and challenging, which motivates me to continually learn and improve my skills.

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