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1000 Buyer Request send.

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Hi jahangir900!

First of all, you already got what it takes to become a Pro Seller, your persistence is amazing! You know what, I also struggled with this as well and try to find the answer in this forum, but I read several days ago something about buyer request features. Actually how I explain this is this feature is not so effective when you try to increase sales since you always need to compete with other sellers that always give $5 or lower prices. Please take a look at several threads in this forum that were created by experienced freelancer and their takes regarding this buyer request problem. Some of them even stated that this is some kind of "rat race" and you will never benefit from it and they tried to discuss with Fiverr's executives the effectiveness of this feature.

One thing that I could tell you is never giving up and always being persistent just like you already did. Focus more on your profile and services and let the buyer naturally attract you! Good luck! Cheers!

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