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How can a seller talk to a human being that works for Fiverr?



Hey everyone,

At this point, I'm not sure Fiverr Support are even humans, every reply I get is just copy + paste.

I have been growing my gig since June and I've reached over 100 5-star ratings on it.

I worked really hard to get there and it's thanks to all those reviews that I was getting clients. This allowed to quit my job and make this freelancing gig my main occupation.

Yesterday I updated the description of the gig (like I've done thousands of times before).

Today, I woke up with the gig suspended. I tried to see why and it kept telling me I had a URL to an external website on my description. 

Except I did not. Nothing. Not even close.

So, I just thought it was a bug and resubmitted it like that a few times hoping eventually an actual human being would check it.

To my horror, they put it on the "Denied" section, in which the only option I have is to delete it.

Now that it is in the Denied section, it's telling me the reason was something wrong with the video on my gig. This was surprising since I've had that video there since December of 2021. (And no, the video also had no external URLs)

When I exposed this situation to the support they basically just told me my gig had something against the rules and that I should create a new gig.

Create a new gig?... Yeah I could, but I still would've lost months of hard work over literally no reason. And I would definitely go back to having a hard time getting clients with 0 reviews on this new gig.

If anyone can point me in the direction of talking to an actual human being on Fiverr who might be able to help me, I would TRULY appreciate it and if I can thank you somehow, just let me know how!

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Good to hear it went well.

For anyone else visiting this topic and wondering, though: The only way to talk directly to a human at Fiverr CS is to go to their offices in-person. The Seller Plus program does put you in contact with a Success Manager, and they are said to be able to communicate with Fiverr, but that's indirect and can still take time.

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