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cannot select time and revision number while sending buyer request .


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hi! i use 2 ios devices , on both of them the app is downloaded . i have recently faced some technical issues like while i am send a buyer request through the app it let not select me time and revision number and other inquiries, it's more like this while i am tapping on the option it is blank .it also happens when i try to send an order offer to a client . the browser works completely fine .. but you cant move your pc to everywhere. please note i tried logout-login method and re downloading the app. but it's not working, let me know if this is nly happening to me, and if anyone knows how to solve... cause it's getting serious as i lost one of my client today due to not sending the order offer in time.. thanks

p.t: the ss is taken after pressing the delivery time option, this is the scene i am getting


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