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I am a seller and other sellers message me try to sell there gig and it effect me respond rate!

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This is really annoying. I was 2 level seller and now back to new seller level because of bulk of messages I receive is nonsense and I am too tried to reply to all of them.

People just trying to message me to sell their gigs, which is is the gigs I offer! I was like "whaaaaaaaaaaaaat?" and some message are just blank and then blocked me, leave me with the red clock. 

This just started to happen last month, before everything was fine. I wonder what was the trigger.

I know it's impossible to prevent this but it's super annoying. Not sure if anyone has the same situation.  

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45 minutes ago, boomtripipattan said:

some message are just blank and then blocked me, leave me with the red clock. 

I fear that can happen when they spam several people at about the same time, and someone else reported them. Probably it's not them who blocked you but Fiverr who blocked them.

I usually send a QR (Quick Response, you can set those up and then just click those, instead of having to type something), before I click "Spam", as I've seen my Response Rate drop when it shouldn't have, despite "Your Response Rate won't be affected" text a few times. 

If some situation makes it impossible to respond, technically, and you have the running clock, you could take a screenshot and ask support to look into it for you, if your rate drops. (Maybe rather on the app than desktop, to have the time of your phone showing if it wouldn't be clear when you took the screenshot (and could and would have reacted if it had been possible) else. (I hope it's somewhat clear what I mean 😅)

But, yes, you do have to react to everything in some way (reply, click Spam, or both), no matter how many spammers there are... I know, it's super annoying... 

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