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Do cancelation of order effect our account?


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15 hours ago, milanescobar said:

I didn't got any order in last 3 months.

Last 3 months, or last month and a half, as you said in another topic? Your profile shows that your last delivery was 2 months ago.

As for your question, yes, cancellations do affect your account. I took a quick glance at your account, and you also have some not so good reviews, and your average rating is 4.6 stars, which would be perfectly fine on Amazon, but not on Fiverr. Your response to customers who gave you bad ratings is unprofessional (you need to stay polite at all times, not openly call a client rude). Some of the customers might have left a bad private feedback, and those affect an account a lot.

I've mentioned it all because all of it affects your account and decreases your chances of getting another sale.

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