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Received an order without making an offer, now buyer is not responding and delivery is due.




I'm fairly new to Fiverr and received directly from a buyer with no previous discussion or offer being made on Friday with a due date today.  The files that the buyer sent to have made into detailed drawings are total trash and unusable. I immediately requested a better file and some clarification, and they have yet to respond. Yesterday I requested an extension and am not sure what to do. I'm afraid that this will hurt my ratings. Also, what they are requesting I would have charged more for. How do I remedy this and is there a way to make it so buyers can't place an order with me first making an offer and giving them a delivery date that I can achieve?

Thanks in advance. 

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Contact customer support and tell them in detail what is happening, especially the part where the buyer is uncommunicative. You can ask them to contact the seller or cancel the order. If they cancel the order, it won't affect your stats. But if they don't and you have to cancel yourself, your order completion stat is what will take a hit not your ratings. Fortunately, it will come back up in two months. 

For the second part, your delievery date and description on your gig profile should match what you can do. Once a buyer orders from the gig profile, fiverr sets the timer to reflect what you indicated. So adjust your delievery date and description from the gig profile. 


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