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** The incident happened about 2 years ago from today, I suddenly remembered so I shared. **


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Canadian buyer.
The work was simple only 3-5 minutes. My deal with the buyer was that I would work through Teamviewer. But after placing the order, the buyer told me to talk to him on s***e.
I then told the buyer direct that I could not communicate outside the Fiverr. That's when I had a big fight with him. At one point I sent him a request to cancel the order. His only word is that he will not work with me, and will not cancel the order
You don't have to do anything he says over and over again. You deliver, I will accept. I was assured he wants to give me a bad rating. Then I made a video about how he can solve his problem. I delivered that video. I assumed I would get a 1-star rating.
Alhamdulillah, I got a 5-star rating after so much, with a $10 TIP.


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