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Writing erotica and ToS


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Hi everyone, I've read a few posts on here that say written erotica is ok according to Fiverr's ToS. However, on past platforms when I've done erotica writing, clients often send pictures/to write words that would probably be flagged up in some system, such as explicit words for genitals, certain explicit or hardcore s****l practices, or general pictures and vocabulary that I think might be risky if Fiverr has a monitoring system. If it goes against ToS, then of course I wouldn't start on Fiverr, but I'd like to know before I set up the gig to adhere to the platform's guidelines/rules. I'm wondering if these explicit/graphic messages are flagged by Fiverr in some way? I never send pictures, and always ask buyers to refrain from sending graphic images, but generally explicit/s****l/obscene words and descriptions are part of the communications process. If anyone could advise me on this, I'd be very grateful. I don't want to get banned before I start! 

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