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Can anyone help me improve my gig ??


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These are my suggestions/comments:

Gig: I will design 3 attractive and unique banner or flyer in just 6 hours

In the gig title it says "3 attractive and unique banner..." - if there are 3 shouldn't "banner" be "banners"?

in the gig video it says "super delisious burger". "delisious" could be "delicious".
Also in the gig video it says "Why order from us ?" then says "unlimited rivision" twice in the list. That could be changed to "unlimited revisions".

In the gig description:
"you have came to" could be "you have come to"

You could add an FAQ to the gig that would answer any questions they might have about it.

Gig: I will design eyecatching minimalistic and modern restaurant flyers
The gig video (and what's shown of the thumbnail) shows "Design flyers for your restaurent" - when the last word could be "restaurant". The text in the video thumbnail, when shown on the profile, gets cut off a bit.

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