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Files laid out weirdly at the order page


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This thing has been annoying me very much since I could remember. It's a minor bug (I don't even know if you should call it a bug), yet sometimes causes unnecessary doubts.

It happens when you attach some files. Fiverr should place them in alphabetical order (or maybe by the file size), but instead it always go random, yet never in a right way. Like here, placing them in an order like 3,1,2:


Most of the time I provide some concept sketches for the buyer to choose from, and very often I must ask for further explanation when they respond with "the second one". I don't know if this would mean "island1.png" or "island2.png" (in this case). It's much more important when the buyer has several hours to respond because of the timezones. It just makes me wait for the response while I could be working on the order. Unnecessary delay.

It's such a small thing, yet so annoying. Is there any possibility this could be fixed?

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