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Buyer Has Ordered A Topic I Don't Offer



Hi Everyone,


I have had a buyer place two orders for blog posts, one on the topic I write about and another on a topic I don't offer or know anything about. I have contacted them to say this isn't a topic I write about on ethical grounds and I also have no knowledge of if but I haven't received a response. What is the best solution in this circumstance?


Also the buyer has placed has placed multiple orders at once and Fiverr does not stagger them so instead of the usual 3 days to write an article, I now have 3 days to write both articles. Is there a way for orders to be staggered? If people contact me in advance I always let people know about staggering but when they just order your gig there is no way to get around this that I can find.


Thank you in advance!

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On 4/21/2022 at 11:09 PM, prographics912 said:

I also face this situation multiple times. As cancel an order is harmful to an account, I just simply go to Fiverr support and explain my situation. After reviewing Fiverr support will cancel the order and ensure that Gig ranking will not down.

Thank you for your help! I did this and the order was cancelled and my ratings kept the same which was great!

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