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I started to dream to have more control in life when I created my account on Fiverr. In March 2022, I created my first Gig and read everything related to boosting my Gig performance everywhere. I tried to share my Gig on Social Media and send buyer requests when they popped up on my profile. Being contacted by a bunch of scammers as well as others who asked me to do free service for them is already a common thing for me now. Unexpectedly, last week my first order came. The moment when I heard the notification on my phone, really gave me an optimistic feeling. Currently, I am just waiting for customers to reach me.

I read some of the posts in this forum that ask about tips on growing your orders. Based on my little experience here, the only key besides all the technical stuff (that you must follow), is PATIENCE. Believe in yourself for what you can do and just be patient. For those sellers who are more experienced than me on Fiverr, please help me and some new sellers and give some tips (really working tips) that could help boost Gig performance (in terms of reach, impression, clicks, etc.) As a new seller here, I am proud to join the freelancing community, especially here on Fiverr.

Thanks a lot, Cheers mate!

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Back then, I got only 1 order. And now by the time I'm writing this comment, I already leveled up to Level One. I already got 10 orders and an overall 4.9 rating. All I can say is do your best in your field and BE PATIENCE. That's all it takes. 

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