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Do I need to use "Requirements" to get buyers to send files to me?

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Sorry, I am new and this is probably a dumb question:

If I am doing a gig where I need the buyer to send me an initial file (e.g. an audio file that I need to edit and send back to them in order to complete the gig), am I supposed to create a 'question' under Requirements that asks them to attach their audio file?

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And definitely make the file attachment 'question' mandatory. You may be surprised at how many people would even then attach some random file and write "I'll send the file later", while your clock is ticking ... so, it's always good to at least make sure you do what you can from your side to avoid standing there with an order and no file to work on.

On the other side, if it's no direct order, and you already have/know all requirements, having chatted with the client, you can send a custom offer and choose to not ask for requirements via checkbox (to avoid some people getting confused and not actually starting the order), or you can manually start an order, even a direct one (some people do even place a direct order after you sent them a custom offer via Messages) that's stuck, because someone didn't send requirements but you have/know everything, by pressing something like "I have everything I need" on the order page.

In general, be prepared as much as possible, and be prepared for weird things to happen 👽😉.

I urgently recommend reading the articles in both Seller as well as Buyer Help Center, you can avoid many mishaps, and only knowing better in hindsight by that rather simple measure 🙂

And welcome to the forum! 👋

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