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Hey! I've managed to get on the first page in my first days on Fiverr, so here are some tips from me that I think could help you:

  1. Take a look at your category and competitors & give it a deep analysis
  2. Use a short and sweet title
  3. Show off your best portfolio samples
  4. Try to be online more often
  5. Fill out your profile thoroughly

I would also recommend having your face on the gigs thumbnail and being kind to the buyers!

We are all people and we all want to create happy relationships with others.

Good luck! ☺️

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19 hours ago, fb_pixel_ananda said:

Hi, Everyone I am a new sellar. I don't know how can I rank my gig. Please tell me and help me. Thanks.

If you follow a few steps then I think you will be able to rank your gig definitely.. 🙂

The tips are here,,,,

1. Don't be impatient
2. Do research and find out long tail keyword with your main keyword which have low competition but high orders. ( A lot of orders)
3. After finding the best keyword for your gig start research more than 30 gigs which is related to your long tail keyword
4. After researching create a unique content for your gig including Title, image, content, package, FAQ, and tags
5. After that Do the SEO.. That mean keep your gig link same as title, also implement your keyword to your package, description , tags and in FAQ section
6. The most important and effective things which can rank your gig that is a face video for your gig. Which also convert your gig visitors to your buyer.
7. After completing those steps start sending buyer request properly and try to get orders from there.
8. Provide 5 start job to your clients and get 5 start review
9. Be honest with your clients.

That's thing which I did  and ranked my gigs my friend's gig and also my student's gigs.
If you follow that then definitely you also will be able to rank your gig and my final tips is never give up.. be a hard worker and continue learning & gaining new skills to grow every single day..
Hope it will help you

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