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Is feedback a violation word?



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You know, there are no "violation or restricted words". There are only words that may lead to problems, up to a warning or account ban, if you use them in a way that tells Fiverr you want to try to break or circumvent their terms of service and other rules. If you use those words in a normal conversation, there's no issue, apart from it maybe taking a while until your message gets approved and your customer can read it.

If you think you can get around using "violation or restricted words" in a manner that's unwise, by sending them as a SCREENSHOT instead of plain text, think again. Does it look even more as if you're using words in a way that you suspect are not in line with Fiverr's terms and policies, if Fiverr checks your inbox? I think so. Used in a normal manner in an inbox conversation, at least one could assume you just didn't read the rules, maybe a warning will suffice, but sending a screenshot... personally, I'd be far quicker with the ban hammer if someone did that on my site. 

Don't say or suggest anything that's against Fiverr's terms and rules, then you won't have to worry about "violation or restricted words". 

Why would you send a SCREENSHOT to "get update"? What kind of update are we talking about? Questions they need to answer for you to keep working on their order? If yes, why can't you simply ask that in text form? Screenshots that may be needed to show a customer something that's relevant for working on their order, of course, is fine, but don't "hide" "violation or restricted" words in screenshots.

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Asking for reviews or feedback is kinda violating, Fiverr will put your account in review. I would suggest you to tell the buyers like 'Hey I completed the projects and delivered the final result. I hope you are satisfied with the delivery. If you find any errors please let me know. It will be a great pleasure if you write down your experience about this order on delivery page'

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No, after completing order, you can say him," Hi there, This is your desired logo design for the t-shirt. if you are satisfied with my work, Please, make good feedback that will help me to grow my future on this platform, it would be also helpful for others to know about my service.
Thanks again for your order!"

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