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Setting long timeframe so buyers will contact first

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Hi! So I've recently set a longer timeframe; not to encourage buyers to contact me before buying, but because I'm not sure when I'm able to work on orders. Since I didn't want to turn my availability off in case it has an effect on making it harder to get back into the gig placement/rotation.

With that being said I can still give some insight I think! Personally, I don't think setting a longer timeframe encourages people to contact you before ordering. In the eyes of buyers, all they (probably) see is what it says; a longer timeframe before they can get their order. 

First I've put 7 days delivery and didn't quite notice a change. About a week ago I've put 14 days and the only buyers who have contacted me are 2 previous customers. This might also have to do with the fact I've turned Promoted Gigs off. 

I do have to mention that most people contact me before ordering anyways. Furthermore, as you can see from this post there are quite a lot of variables. I'd say try it out for yourself and see if you notice any changes! 

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