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Why I did not get any order from last two years?


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If you didn't get an order on your gig for the last two years, it's highly likely not everything is okay as you say it is. The reasons might be due to it being part of a highly competitive field. That's why your gig cannot just be good, it has to be great in order to stand out. 

Personally, I'd change the video you've got in your portfolio. Using a robotic voice puts me off, because it's quite clear it's not a real person. That doesn't really come off as professional in my eyes. A great video can still be just that without it having a voice-over. Make it catchy with short, to the point texts that capture what you can provide for your potential buyers. Things that make you stand out from everybody else and that makes you the best person for the job. 

Just another point; what does lifetime support mean? That in 50 years one of your former buyers can come to you and you'll help them? I know you try to convey customer care, but in my opinion it does the opposite. It sets an unrealistic premise and just put there as a marketing trick (that doesn't woo anybody really). 

In short, try to improve your gig any way you can! Here is a helpful link to help you get started;

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