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Two months go on but still, I don't have a single order


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7 hours ago, sabbir_dm25 said:

I am here on Fiverr for the last two months. But I haven't gotten a single order. it's terrible frustration.

What actions (other than posting responses to buyer requests) have you taken to connect to your target customers?

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23 minutes ago, sabbir_dm25 said:

I Was Doing Social Media Marketing

This does nothing for you, unless the people you are connected to on social media are your intended customers. Most people are only connected to their friends and family on social media, therefore, they don't convert any customers from these sites. Your friends and family are not your target customers.

25 minutes ago, sabbir_dm25 said:

Email marketing with my targeted Audiences

Really? You have cultivated a large newsletter following, all of whom have given you permission to send them emails? If not, then you're just sending spam.

Since neither social media, nor "email marketing" appear to have worked for you during the past couple of months, then I'm going to assume that neither of those are targeting your target customers. If you want orders, you need to be directly connected to the people who absolutely cannot do without your services. 

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