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What I am selling is on demand?


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Sounds pretty solid. You’re selling sort of a sample platter combo of what a lot of popular gigs do and wrapping it in a unique and interesting package. I feel like a link to your blog would make the whole thing have a better feel, and also add some stuff that is more focused toward businesses. Add a video to top it all off, and maybe a sample interview or two so that people know what they are getting. Your picture feels misleading, if only because it makes me think you are a singer. Something more like your profile picture would be better.

Best of luck to you,

Bigmish 🙂

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Thanks bigmish for your detailed review and feedback to my Gig.

I found them really helpful, so I’ve made some changes accordingly.

I have added two screenshots of real interviews.

Also changed the image which you felt like of a singer.

Updated my profile picture.

Video, I’ve already added and is under process, so would be live tomorrow.

And last but not the least, I’ve mentioned name of my blog in the first line of description. 🙂

Thanks a ton 🙂

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Thanks blackfolder1.

Definitely, I’m looking forward to interview you ! I just Googled “FRAGGLESROCK”, visited your website and felt the tempt to form questions for your interview 🙂

Sure, awaiting to get your order.

Sheriff’s Note: Calling out others is not allowed on this Forum.

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pr_junction said: And last but not the least, I've mentioned name of my blog in the first line of description

Hi and welcome.


Be very careful with what you put in your gig description. Posting Off Fiverr links, or directing folks to Off Fiverr sites, or encouraging Off Fiverr communication (even in images) is against the Terms of Service and could get your gig pulled and/or your account banned.

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voiceoverwork - many thanks for your suggestion. I had put the name of the blog (not link) in the description, which I’ve just removed after reading your comment as I’m not yet sure whether it’s allowed or not, being new here.

Thank you.

P.S.: Oh, and I’ve got a Sheriff’s note. (It’s learning process so am taking it positively).

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Always better to err on the side of caution when doing business on Fiverr. As you explore, you’ll see Sellers displaying things on their gigs that do not conform with Fiverr’s ToS. It doesn’t mean it’s okay. It just means that the Fiverr Admins haven’t discovered them yet.

As far as the Forum goes, if you haven’t read “do’s and don’ts”, here’s the link.


Good luck to you! 🙂

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