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Need som advise


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I would like to share my experience with you.

I started here on fiverr about 4 months ago but I just had 1 sale in the first 3 months…

I didn’t do anything during this period, I just posted my gig and I waited let’s say for a customer. Well this does not work.

About 3 weeks ago I started to promote my gigs on Social Media especially Facebook.

I joined advertising groups, made my own fan page and marketing group. Now since I started this promotional work I received 20 sales and Upgraded to level one which is a proof to me that marketing on social media works 🙂

Now i even get every day a new order so it seems like the time I spend advertising and connecting with people realy does work.

But you already started to get some attention by coming to this forum which is already a good step, also join the fiverr linked in group and share your thoughts there.

(Yesterday I even received a new friend request and after adding him as friend he ordered one of my gigs!)

Communicate advertise connect with people and you will see you will get there.

And don’t give up always believe

Also make nice looking gigs ( HD image, video, good descrition make good use of your keywords,…)



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Briefly, your gigs are:

“I will teach you how to find a profitable niches market”

“I will unlock the secrets of super affiliates and create income stream”

"I will teach you how to make 50 t0 100 dollar per hour"

And at the same time you don’t have sales. Why would someone with 100$/hour go working on Fiverr? Simply speaking, how may buyers expect you to teach them something if you can’t show any of your own success?

“I will teach you how to write letters that sell” - May I recommend you to practice first with your gigs descriptions? For some reason they don’t sell.

Finally “I will translate up to 500 words of any language for you” like seriously? From Chinese to Japanese and from Russian to Arabic? And quality will be better than of Google-translate?

Don’t get my message as offense (I shared my vision from buyers perspective), I hope you will find it helpful.

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voiceoverwork said: Has anyone ever told you that you look just like actress DIANNA AGRON?
ayosucces said: some people said so


Oh, that's rich~ =))


Why don't you "write a simple letter that will get people to open their wallets"? Why don't you "come up with promises that produce the greatest number of replies"? Why don't you just use your "insider secrets to making $50 to $100 per hour with indiegogo fundraiser without spending a cent"? Why don't you use your "secrets of super affiliates and create an endless passive income stream"? These are all services you expect other people to buy from you, so why don't YOU use them?


No one here can tell you what to sell because we don't know you. After viewing your gigs, @kornilov has already pointed out to you that saying you can teach others to makes sales, earn money and succeed in online business is ridiculous coming from someone who makes no sales, earns no money and seems to be failing in online business. You're using celebrity images. Do you own or have the legal right to use them? Even your Photoshop gig just shows one celebrity photo, absolutely no work samples....yet you claim to be a PS expert with some sort of "higher" education. In fact you claim all kinds of high-level skills, including the ability to translate into "any language". You don't say you use an online translator, but it's difficult to believe you know every human language well enough to do acceptable translations. And we all know that online translator software produces fractured and illogical text.


If you don't have any skills, how can you expect other people to hand over money to you to do.....nothing? Go learn something. If you have a skill, figure out how to sell it. That's what all sellers on Fiverr had to do.

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