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Found a Fake Imposter Seller?


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Hello Fiverr Forum,

I am still fairly new to the site and tonight I recently discovered a fellow seller who seems to be posing as someone they’re not. To be specific, they’re using a random woman’s photo as their profile picture and they’re pretending to be this woman and offering their services as her. A quick google image search proved that the seller was not who they said they were (I very quickly found out who the picture actually belongs to and it doesn’t match who the seller says they are) and I’m just wondering where do I go from here? The photo they used is of an attractive woman so I assume they thought using a photo like that would get them more sales but I feel like this has to be abusing Fiverr’s TOS somewhere? I’m just worried about what else this seller is making up like maybe their name/location/etc. Can you report sellers like this? And if so what’s the process?

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