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My gig was deleted even though I updated it according Fiverr's recommendations

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Hi, this is Giulia, a seller on Fiverr. Today something crazy happened and I still can't wrap my head around it. I hope I can receive some advice or read some of your stories on similar experiences to help me process what happened.

Let's start from the beginning. I was offering a writing service in my native language (Italian) hoping I would be helpful to someone. But – and this is my bad – I wrote the description only in Italian. Therefore I got an email by Fiverr telling me to update my gig in order to meet their policy: "All gigs must be created in English". And they also said – I'm quoting their own words – "However, we do allow you to add another language within the Gig/Package descriptions below the English description".

After a couple tries, at the end of the day I believe my gig was exactly like it was supposed to be:

  • It had two pictures, one in English and one in Italian, for both audiences;
  • The main title was exclusively in English;
  • The packages titles were exclusively in English;
  • The packages descriptions were in English and, below, they were also in Italian;
  • The general description of my gig was in English and, below, it was also in Italian.

I believe I did what they asked: my gig was in English and – as they allow – there was a second language below English.

But right after my revision my gig was deleted because it was "not updated according to our previous recommendations or Gig correction reminders".

And now I'm so confused: where did I go wrong?

I thought... maybe I'm not really able to speak English... I always thought I was kind of good at speaking English, and if you can read what I'm saying here I'm pretty sure you can tell the language I'm using is English and not another one. But I'm still wondering: is my English so bad it doesn't look like English? Did they actually think English was missing on my gig at all? Was Italian not allowed at all?

I know it was my bad at first... but then I put so much energy to do the right thing and now I feel like I'm left with no clue and some fear for my other gigs... I feel like I'm missing something, there's some piece I don't understand in this story. Can anyone help?

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This happened to my once too, in my case in spanish, was really painful, ive lost a gig with many reviews, in my case, i did't attend on time the recommendations, buy you do! I suggest write CS and explain this, you might have a last chance to recover, or at least to know why. GL.

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